The Universal Persian (UniPers) alphabet was created over 50 years ago in Iran. The original creators are not known, but one of its champions was the late Mr. Mohamad Keyvan. He funded the publication of several language textbooks for foreigners in this new alphabet. His vision and that of many others who have advocated a new alphabet for Persian was twofold:

  1. To eradicate illiteracy and to elevate the education levels of all Iranian citizens.
  2. To make reading and writing of Persian available to all non-Persian speaking people.

Of-course the idea of introducing a new Latin-based alphabet for Persian goes back over 100 years to scholars like Akhunzadeh, and much later to Sadegh Hedayat and others. Ever since Akhundzadeh, the topic of changing the Persian alphabet had lingered on through thick and thin. Many debates had occurred, enumerating the pros and cons of the switch from the current Perso-Arabic to a Latin-based alphabet. Since the past 25 years, until a few years ago, the debate had almost vanished completely. Yet, the issues and problems surrounding the Perso-Arabic alphabet had remained. The minuscule token reforms had not produced any measurable difference in making Perso-Arabic a more suitable alphabet for Persian. But a few years ago, a revolution took place that again brought the issue of the Persian alphabet to the forefront. That revolution was none other than the advent of the Internet and the Information Age.

The new technology of information exchange and the Internet have shed new light and raised new questions on the suitability of the Perso-Arabic alphabet for the Persian language. Not only the old mundane problems that could have been ignored, can no longer be put off, but modern problems have risen that require our attention. That is why Dr. Zurvan, the originator of the Website: Iranian Languages & Scripts, seized the opportunity to create this new site: UniPers.com to promote UniPers as a modern tailor-made alphabet for the Persian language that remains true to the vision of its creators.

The vision for creating the UniPers.com site is as follows:

  1. To make the time come for a new alphabet that serves the Persian language in every way.
  2. To encourage debate and dialog among all interested users.
  3. To introduce UniPers as a practical alternative to Perso-Arabic and other forms of writing for Persian.
  4. To become a stepping stone for future projects that would expand the horizons for utilizing UniPers.

Finally, UniPers is created to bring the Persian language out of the dark ages and into the modern world where it deserves to enjoy a high status. UniPers should truly be called: A 21st Century Alphabet for the Persian Language.

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